Overuse Injuries In Children

Sport and physical activity is the foundation for growing a happy, healthy human. It is fundamental for social development, building self-esteem and testing their resilience, not to mention the endorphins rush!

It is not uncommon however, for kids that are exercising, training and playing sport often to incur some minor injuries and aches and pains.

What is an overuse injury?

An overuse injury is a form of “micro-trauma”, where the body has been used repeatedly but hasn’t been given the opportunity to heal and recover properly. In short, overuse injuries are a result of movement “over and over again”, for example an overarm throw for a pitcher in baseball or stopping, starting and jumping abruptly in netball. These movements are often a big part of the exercise or activity and can wear out or cause deterioration to the joints, bones, muscles and ligaments associated with the movement. Overuse injuries in children usually occur as a result of growth spurts and physical activity.

What is the difference between overuse and a normal injury?

A normal injury, or acute injury, is the result of a “one-off” action that went too far. For example, a torn muscle or completely broken bone.

The most common overuse injuries in children include:

Severs’ Disease:
stems from the heel, where the Achilles tendon is pulling on the “active” growth section (cartilage is changing to bone)

Osgood – Schlatters: commonly associated with the knee, during growth spurts and physical activity the tendons tighten, causing inflammation and mini fractures to the top of the bone

Stress Fracture: a small crack in the bone, caused by tight muscles, gain in body weight or excessive movement

Jumper’s Knee: inflamed patella tendon (can be felt below knee-cap) from jumping, landing, changing direction and stopping abruptly

Each of these overuse injuries can cause the child a great deal of pain and may even cause them to become disinterested in their chosen activities if not dealt with appropriately. The first step is always to seek professional advice from your physiotherapist if your child is experiencing ongoing pain. Usually, the treatment for these injuries is simply to rest and strengthen the body while it changes.

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Suzanne graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Health Science (Sports and Exercise Science) in 2015. She then went on to continue her studies at Macquarie University graduating from the Doctor of Physiotherapy post-graduate degree in June 2019.

Since graduating, Suzanne has worked in the local Penrith area in both private practice and Sports Physiotherapy. Suzanne has worked with sporting teams including Penrith District Netball Association, Mt Druitt Rangers (NPL), Penrith Valley Figure Skating Club, and local dance and cheer schools. 

Suzanne has a particular interest in working with artistic athletes including cheerleaders and dancers. She has a professional background in both cheer and dance and has previously worked as both a cheer coach and dance teacher. Suzanne’s previous experiences are an invaluable resource to her as a physiotherapist, as she has a thorough understanding of the level of physical fitness and skill acquisition that these athletes must have in order to be successful on stage and in competition.

Suzanne’s other areas of clinical interest reside in lower limb musculoskeletal injuries, spinal pathologies and women’s health.

Nathanial graduated as a physiotherapist in 2012 which saw him work in private practice and hospital settings gaining experience in all areas of physiotherapy including hand therapy, splinting/casting, pre/post-operative care, Men’s Health and general musculoskeletal, occupational and sports physiotherapy. Since then he has gone on to complete further studies in physiotherapy enabling him to be the only dual titled Musculoskeletal, Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist in Penrith.

Nathanial has a strong background in sports physiotherapy achieving accreditation with NSWIS as a service provider and working with many elite sports teams.

Nathanial has a particular interest in working with elite athletes, complex cases and in particular assessment and management of knee, hip and shoulder pain.

Andrea graduated from the Australian Catholic University completing her Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in 2018 and Master’s of Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2020. After graduating she attained accreditation with ESSA as an Exercise Physiologist.

During her studies she gained clinical experience in both hospital and private practice settings, working in the cardiac rehabilitation program, heart failure service and mental health unit at Nepean Hospital. And at the ACU Exercise and Lifestyle Clinic working with clients with neurological conditions, cancer and chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

Since graduating, Andrea enjoys working with a variety of clients. She has a particular interest in treating musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions, striving to help people increase their functional capacity to get them back to work, sport or the things they love doing.